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Research Centre: Lecco



Head of the Unit

Francesco Locatelli MD

Clinical Staff

Salvatore Di Filippo, Paolo Marai, Claudio Pozzi, Cesare Dell'Oro, Giuseppe Pontoriero, Flavia Tentori, Giuseppe Bacchini, Vincenzo La Milia, Simeone Andrulli, Monica Crepaldi, Mauro Corti, Celestina Manzoni, Maria Enrica Bigi, Lucia Del Vecchio, Donatella Crepaldi.

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Phone +39-0341-489861
Fax +39-0341-489860
Full postal address Via dell’Eremo 9, 23900 Lecco, Italy

Treatment of IgAN
IgAN and pregnancy
Genetic factors in IgAN

Corticosteroids in IgAN: long-term evaluation of a multicenter randomized controlled trial with steroids vs supportive therapy
Corticosteroids alone vs corticosteroids and azathioprine In IgAN: multicenter randomized controlled trial in patients distributed according to proteinuria and plasma creatinine values.
Pregnancy in IgAN patients: multicenter retrospective and prospective evaluation.

Fellows program: Specify if the Unit accepts from other Countries for:
Short(1-2 month) well focused trained programs either clinically or laboratory oriented: Yes
Specify corresponding availability of grants: No
Specify if the Unit may provide help for accommodation: No

Prerequisites for Fellowship
Language: Italian, English, French
Publications in International Journals on IgA Nephropathy

Publications List
F Locatelli, C Pozzi, L Del Vecchio, PG Bolasco, GB Fogazzi, S Andrulli, P Melis, P Altieri, C Ponticelli. Role of proteinuria reduction in the progression of IgA Nephropathy. Ren Fail 2001; May-July, 23: 495-505.
Pozzi C, Del Vecchio L, Locatelli F. Can Immunosuppressive therapy be useful in IgA Nephropathy when the "point of no return" has already been exceeded? Nephron 2002; 92: 699-701.


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